Fire is such a great metaphor for the web.

Think about it for a bit. Anybody who has ever tried to start a fire outdoors on a rainy night knows that there are certain conditions that must be in place for a fire to start, keep going, and spread:

1. Fire needs ready fuel and steady wind.

For a fire to start, it must have both sufficient fuel and a healthy supply of oxygen. In the same way, a wildfire of an idea needs real substance, real fuel to burn, space to grow, and a person who believes in that idea strongly enough to keep supporting it with oxygen.  But no matter how great an idea is, if only one person holds it, it'll eventually run out of air.  The more people fanning the flame, the faster the fire will grow!

2. Fire needs a constant resupply.

If you want a fire to last long enough to really catch hold, you have to keep feeding it fuel. This is a great metaphor for the ever-changing Web. Studies continually show that a website which doesn't change loses power: it performs poorly in the search engines and does an even worse job getting actual visitors to return. Eventually, a stagnant, unchanging website is overcome by its own weight, sinks to the bottom of the pile, and is forgotten.

3. Fire can spread in many ways.

Once you get a fire going, it can catch on in ways you may not have anticipated. If you can get people talking both on and off your website, you end up having sparks flying out in all directions. You never know just where a spark will land. If it falls in the right place, it can change your world forever.

It's the same whether you're talking about wildfires or websites.

At Firewind Productions, we believe in you.  We believe that every person has ideas that have real potential to ignite and change your world.  We can show you ways to do just that, both online and offline.  You can do it!  We love dreaming with the dreamers and launching big ideas.

Most website packages set limitations on what you can do. Static, unchanging websites can rapidly become deadweight for your organization. We give you a site that dances, changes, evolves... grows as you grow.

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