UPDATE #2: Just got the Laurian magnet!

The promised Laurian magnet arrived today (4/29/2014) with a return envelope with a prepaid label enclosed and labled "Exchange." I sent back the two unwanted Arliden magnets in the return envelope.

The two look really good next to each other! Cheers for Albino Dragon for making good. Really a bummer that they've had so many issues with their fulfillment center. I'm still thinking about buying more prints. Really, the art is just amazing.

UDPATE: Abino Dragon promises to send a Laurian magnet; sends me ANOTHER Arliden magnet.

THREE Arlidens. Not a Laurian in sight.

Close-up of the three Arliden magnets.

See photos. This just arrived a few minutes ago. I've included the other two Arliden magnets in the photo to show proof that I now have THREE Arliden magnets:  TWO decent Arliden magnets and one damaged Arliden magnet instead of the Arliden and Laurian magnets that I ordered in the Kickstarter. I've redacted my personal contact information since this is posted publically.

Notice that the shipping document says "Laurian Magnet." I think it's pretty safe to say at this point that Albino Dragon has some serious problems with their fulfillment center(s). Which appears in this case to be LMS Fulfillment.

CAVEAT EMPTOR. Fellow Kickstarter contributors, good luck getting what you ordered. I was thinking of purchasing more of the art prints, but at this point? Not likely.

Beware of Folly: An Open Letter to Albino Dragon, Eric Dahlman, and Kickstarter

RE: The Name of the Wind Playing Cards Kickstarter Campaign

I finally received my package today. I wish I could say that I received exactly what I ordered and was thrilled. For the most part, it is all here, but I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed with some items.

After multiple emails back and forth between myself and Eric Dahlman of Albino Dragon over the past four months, and multiple promises in each email and public update that things would be shipping real soon, I'm finally looking at the contents of the shipping tube that just arrived today. Four months after the projected Kickstarter shipping date of December 2013, I've received:

  1. One set of solid silver talent pipes. These are absolutely gorgeous and have every indication of being solid silver as ordered. They have a wonderful weight and I just love them. Worth every penny of the $50 I spent.
  2. One art print, "Beware of Folly." It's great and in beautiful condition. Thank you. Well worth the $12. In fact, I wish I had ordered the other prints instead of the magnets.
  3. One limited edition deck and one unlimited edition deck. Again, these are just beautiful. I only opened the unlimited edition because I want to keep the limited in mint condition, but I can't say enough how great the art is. They are high quality cards and well worth what I spent for them ($21 total).
  4. Two Arliden magnets instead of the Arliden and Laurian magnets that I ordered. The Laurian magnet is nowhere to be seen. In addition, one of the Arliden magnets is damaged on the corners (see pictures). The other Arliden magnet is fine but I would very much like to get the Laurian magnet I ordered. These were, however, only $4.00 each so I think I probably got what I paid for, in the quality of the undamaged Arliden magnet I mean.
  5. One Master Lorren bookplate "signed" by Patrick Rothfuss. Let me be clear, I don't doubt at all that is Pat's real signature, especially after seeing his February 21 post about it on his blog. I guess I was expecting something a little higher quality. The picture on Pat's blog was pretty blurry. I was hoping Pat would have signed in a different color and with a ballpoint so it would have been easier to tell that it is a real signature. Again, I know it's a real signature because I believe Pat; I'm not questioning his word. But given that the signature is in the same color as the rest of the bookplate, and given that even after looking at it under a loupe for some time I couldn't find any paper impressions that would confirm an actual signature from an actual pen; I can't say that someone could tell from independent inspection that it was hand-signed. It does have an edition number of 2620/5000 but I could easily generate a mail merge printing of labels on similar label stock with a printed signature and an ascending number. I could even get the same label stock (I recognize the brand of labels from the boxes in Pat's picture on his blog post). Again, it was only $5, so I'm not going to quibble on this one. I think I got what I paid for.

The bottom line? I love the art. I love the talent pipes. I love the decks.

What I don't love is that this took so blooming long and that so many promises were made in the past two months and not kept in terms of when my order would likely ship.

I don't love that I was only told at the very last minute (March 17th) there was an issue with the Arliden and Laurian magnets that would delay my order to the very last round of shipments.

I don't love that I got one nice Arliden magnet and another damaged Arliden magnet instead of a nice Arliden magnet and a nice Laurian magnet.

I hope Albino Dragon will replace the Laurian magnet. I might consider getting the Arliden and Laurian art prints if they become available for order somewhere.

I'm a pretty big Patrick Rothfuss fan. But at this point, I don't know if even that love for all things Rothfuss will ever translate into me contributing to an Albino Dragon Kickstarter campaign again.

Yes, I understand you had multiple products being produced by multiple companies. Yes I understand you had art changes. As an artist myself, I get that one and am sympathetic. Yes, I understand you had 11,000+ contributors and you didn't expect that many. Yes, I understand you had logistics problems. But all of that sounds just like excuses when there are companies out there that exist solely to solve these kinds of issues. Companies that handle 11,000 customers a day, every day, no sweat.  Like Amazon Fulfillment, for example. Or RileyLife. Or Shipwire. The bottom line is that from my perspective, you'd think with receiving $589,660 in pledges some of that would have gone immediately into getting help to make the process smoother. Maybe it did, and you just got bad help. I don't know. I just know that from my perspective, it didn't work.

I've already mentioned in previous emails why I hoped to receive my order before February. I've already said why I was so disappointed when that didn't happen. I'm not going to rehash all that.

The bottom line is that I would not have pledged at all if I knew my items would be delivered four months late. But maybe that was my folly.

It's a bit ironic that I chose the "Beware of Folly" art print. Caveat moria. Caveat emptor.


Jason C. Hackwith