Now THIS is how you write a press release!

Our hosting provider, DreamHost, just took a giant step and hired a new CEO, Simon Anderson. We have a long relationship with DreamHost and it's always a pleasure to hear from them—I love their hysterical newsletters and snarky blog posts, but they have just outdone themselves in their press release announcing the new CEO.

Simon impressed the DreamHost employees during an all-hands meeting in which he exhibited feats of superhuman strength, a preternatural ability to sweat cologne, and a DreamHost tattoo which he’d obtained just five hours before the meeting (and weeks before receiving any offer of employment).

The thing I love most about DreamHost (other than their outstanding hosting services, that is) is that they never take themselves seriously, no matter how successful they get. They have been a great partner and it's fantastic to see their continuing growth. I think this press release does a great job of showcasing the DreamHost I know and love. Check it out:

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