Our Values

Corporate values pages are usually crammed full of buzzwords and carefully worded phrases. This one is no different in that respect, although we've tried to keep it to a low roar! We're enthusiastic about what we do and why we do it.

At Firewind Productions, we know that our relationship with you is vastly more important than what we say.  We know that trust is built from direct personal experience over time, not from a sales pitch on the Net.  We'd rather you hear from our clients or talk to us personally than read a long list of glurgy promises. That being said, there are a few things that bear repeating here.

We value you.

At Firewind Productions, we steadfastly believe in the power of the motivated, enthusiastic creative individual to change his or her world.  History's filled with thousands of examples of people who had a great idea, dared to speak it with confidence, and never gave up.  We're sincerely inspired by the stories of the people we work with, and sincerely humbled to work with such great people.  We're your number one fan!

We value your success.

We know that creating a website, publishing a book, releasing a CD or performing a concert is always a gamble.  Placing yourself, your ideas, or your organization out there can be both scary and exciting at the same time.  There's always much more at risk than just finances.  At Firewind Productions, we know that no amount of marketing research, no matter how valuable, can replace the power of the motivated creative. In other words, the most advanced technology and new media marketing techniques are nothing without a creative, motivated individual at the core.

In fact, we believe that the ultimate success of any endeavor is exponentially proportionate to the passion of the individual or company who is setting out on that endeavor—and that goes for us, as well!  Not only do we really want you to succeed, we're passionate about your success.  No matter what your goal is, big or small, you can count on us to be excited about it just as much as you are... and committed to helping you with whatever is necessary to help you get there.

We value your experience.

At Firewind Productions, we go out of our way to learn as much about you and your industry as possible.  We never take on a new client without thorough initial research of their field, expertise, scope, and any competitors.  However, we also know that we'll never know as much about your industry, field, or expertise as you do.  Our number one goal isn't to tell you how to do your job, but to show you ways in which you can take the creative experience you already have, give it a voice and a presence, and connect with the people who are looking for you—in ways you may never have considered.

We value your goals.

One of the first things we'll ask in our initial consultation with you is what your short-term and long-term goals are.  With each project, we ask, "What is your win?"  What is the absolute best thing could happen to you through your website, your publication, your printed work, your marketing, your CD?  Once you know what your win is, it's just a matter of discussing the ways we can help make that big win possible.  Dream big!  If your world isn't big enough, we can help you make it bigger.

We value your time.

Our service packages are some of the most remarkably open ended in the industry.  Why?  Well, we know that life doesn't always proceed on a schedule.  When you become our client, you can email, text, or call our office at 208.298.9083 at any time, day or night.  You can always be assured that if we're not immediately available, we will return your call, email or text message as soon as possible.