NOW AVAILABLE: Two Hands, by Matt Potratz

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Two Hands, the incredible but true avalanche survival story of Matt Potratz, is now available for purchase online!

There's one picture of Matt that I just absolutely love. It isn't one of the many incredible action shots taken of Matt cresting over a summit, standing his snowmobile on end, or running straight up the side of a mountain in an impossibly narrow chute.

No, the picture I love best of Matt is one that you will find on page 63 of this incredible book. He is looking right at you. In his right hand he tightly grips a cane. The right arm is strong, the muscles set yet not straining. You can see the strength that is there, despite all he has been through. A nurse gently touches Matt's back, ready to support him just in case, but he holds himself proudly straight as he steps toward the camera.

Your eyes inevitably go to the neck brace, proudly emblazoned with a 509 Films logo. The strap across his chest, holding a brace in place for his limp left arm: the arm that appears unnaturally long due to its lack of nerve function. The brace on his left wrist. The strap across his stomach, there in case the nurses need to lift him off the floor he strides upon.

But it is the look on Matt's face that grabs you. It's a look of a man who has seen death and couldn't care less. He's got his game face on. The determination that is there, despite the pain that you can see around his eyes and in the set jaw. The unshakeable attitude that will not let anything stand in his way of merely standing and walking down a hospital hallway, for the first time since an avalanche threw him off his snowmobile, ripped his helmet off, slammed him into a tree, and buried him.

That's the Matt I know. This book tells his incredible survival story in a simple yet powerful way. Brutally honest about his shortcomings and humble in his accomplishments, it's the story of a man who clawed his way out of a coma, proved the doctors wrong and is now changing lives as an author and speaker. All with a strength and determination that makes you sit up and take notice; a strength that inevitably makes you wonder where it comes from. Matt knows, and he's glad to tell you.

Don't miss this book. It's one of the most powerful stories I have ever had the privilege of reading.


July Sabbatical