Shave and a haircut... well, just a shave. But a remarkable one!

This is brilliant. And timely! I was just talking this week with a new client about new business models and out-of-the-box pricing structures, and then I ran across this site today. I don't normally push products on this blog for obvious reasons but this is too remarkable to pass up.

I'm absolutely in love with the idea. Pay a few dollars a month, get a fresh blade for every week. The idea just rocks. You save a bunch on standard blades, it couldn't be more convenient, and I was about to go buy a new razor anyway—and I would have spent about three or four times as much per year.

What brilliant idea do you have lurking around in your head that could change the world? Call me. I'd love to meet with you, whether in person in the Lewis-Clark Valley, or anywhere in the world over Skype. Or, get a free phone call anywhere in the US.

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