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I'd like to join your team! I have over 20 years experience in design, marketing, search engine optimization, computer software training, media analysis, audio and media production, and big ideas. I'm currently offering both personal one-on-one and class-oriented consulting, training, and teaching sessions on a variety of subjects.

I'll come to your home or office in the Darrington/Oso/Mansford area for free, but I will travel to you just about anywhere if you will cover my transportation costs. Please indicate your location on the form that will appear.

Classes require a minimum of 3 students and are usually held at Darrington Elementary School or the Darrington Library. Pre-registration/pre-payment and scheduling is required.

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Ignition! Marketing Plan

I'll sit down with you and/or your team and help you identify your core idea network, discuss your present Internet marketing plan, and outline concrete steps for a powerful online marketing strategy that will work within your budget.


Detailed Website Analysis

Detailed research and analysis of the design, scope and effectiveness of your present website, including loading time/bandwidth, search engine placement, accessibility, design, demographic targeting, and social media presence.  Any problems found will be thoroughly examined and you'll receive a customized report with concrete solutions.


NEW! YouTube & Your Business

One 2-hour session revealing insider secrets on using YouTube and other user-submitted video websites to breathe new life into your business in remarkable new ways.


Open Source, Meet Open Business!

One 2-hour session illuminating exciting new ways for businesses to take advantage of the core ideas behind open source development and apply them to their business model. WARNING: THIS SESSION MAY CAUSE OUT-OF-THE-BOX THINKING!


Dance Across the Web: The Art & Science of Courting the Search Engines

One 2-hour session exploring the latest technology, tricks and techniques for improving your site's position in the search engine rankings.


Secrets of the Social Web

One 1-hour session exploring the latest technology, tricks and techniques for improving your site's position in the search engine rankings through organic cross-pollination.


Seek and Ye Shall Find!

One 1-hour session exploring advanced research techniques using the Internet.  Find things on the Internet quickly and easily -- in places you never knew existed!

Software Training


Adobe Photoshop (Full Version or Elements)

PS Part 1: Seeing the Big Picture One 2 hour session. An introduction to the workspace, tool palettes, selection, layers, channels, paths, styles, and an orientation on color gamuts, basic typography, balance, and form.

PS Part 2: Basic Image Manipulation One 2 hour session. Learn how to open and work with a number of common image types and perform the most common kinds of image selection and manipulation.

PS Part 3: Layers, Channels, & Paths Oh My! One 2 hour session. Understand how layers, channels, and paths work with each other. You’ll apply basic layer effects and styles, see how channels work, and learn the power of the pen tool.

PS Part 4: Taking it to the Streets One 2 hour session. Basic photo restoration and correction, including red eye removal, cleanup, & more. Basic image output and workflow for the best possible printing and distribution results. We’ll review the most important principles and the number one secret to great design.


Adobe InDesign

ID Part 1: Seeing the Big Picture One 2 hour session. An introduction to the pasteboard, workspace, tool palettes, layers, pages, master pages, styles, and an orientation on color gamuts, basic typography, form, and the grid layout.

ID Part 2: Getting on the Grid One 2 hour session. You’ll build a complete document from start to finish. We’ll focus on grid page layout, typographic setting, illustration, working with images, strokes, links and glyphs.

ID Part 3: We Got Style! One 2 hour session. Utilize the full power of typographic, paragraph and image styles in multi-page document creation. We’ll cover master pages, text automation, and other time-saving techniques.

ID Part 4: Taking it to the Streets One 2 hour session. Introduction to prepress, preflighting, separation, packaging and output issues. We’ll review the most important principles and the number one secret to great layouts.


The Joy of Vector Painting with Adobe Illustrator

AI Part 1: Seeing the Big Picture One 2 hour session. Intro to the pasteboard, workspace, tool palettes, layers, and a basic orientation on color gamuts, form, contrast and balance. We’ll start basic vectorization!

AI Part 2: Getting on the Right Vector One 2 hour session. The pen tool isn’t only mightier than the sword, it’s mightier than the pen. More on basic vectorization, saving time with shapes, and pathfinding!

AI Part 3: Happy Little Trees and Paint by Numbers! One 2 hour session. Working with swatches, colors, basic typography & form. Intermediate vectorization of logos, illustrations, and more—from any source or none!

AI Part 4: Taking it to the Streets One 2 hour session. Advanced vectorization, manipulation, and getting the best print possible. We’ll focus on output issues that affect artists. PLUS: the number one secret to great art.

Travel/Accomodation Arrangements

Classes may require payment of separate facility use fee (usually $49/hr). For more information, contact me.

For locations outside of the Darrington/White Horse/Oso/Mansford area (approx. 15 mi radius of Firewind Productions), travel arrangements must be made prior to session scheduling. I will provide you with an estimate of round-trip travel/lodging expenses. At least 50% of estimated travel costs are due before any travel is made; the remaining costs will be billed from the final invoice. All travel/accommodation costs are itemized and client will receive electronic copies of all receipts.