Design as Business Ideology

Tim Brown, President and CEO of Ideo, is quoted as saying this in a recent Fast Company article:

"Teams in business will be thinking about problems as design problems and tackling them like designers. Good design is the output of good design thinking, and companies will be looking to apply design thinking in many places where it hasn't been applied before. These are the methods and approaches that designers use to solve problems, such as understanding and anticipating user needs, prototyping to evolve ideas, and using storytelling to bring ideas to life....

Brown goes on to say:

The implication for designers is that their responsibilities are broadening. In general, designers have thought of themselves as representing the point of view of the user, the consumer. In the future, they're going to have to be much more sophisticated when they're conceiving new ideas, and think about how they're going to speak to the market and how those ideas are going to contribute to marketing rather than just sending it down the line."

I couldn't agree more. The essential function of a designer is to thoroughly analyze a problem, understand the audience, formulate a solution for that problem which takes into account the audience's preferences, worldview and connotations, and develop a method or media to communicate that solution.

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