Two Hands Audiobook by Matt Potratz - Production Notes

Two Hands Audiobook by Matt Potratz - Production Notes

Front Cover, Two Hands Audiobook

Back Cover, Two Hands Audiobook

The production of Matt Potratz' Two Hands Audio Book has been a long haul, but Matt and I are really pleased with the results. Matt recorded the entire book using Audacity on his laptop via a Blue Snowball Microphone. Seamless file transfers and proofing throughout the project were achieved with Dropbox. Matt did an absolutely incredible job, and I know you'll be as amazed as I am when you consider that at one point, doctors weren't sure if he was even going to be able to talk or read again—let alone write an amazing book with no assistance. He has incredible clarity and speaking ability for one who has lived through such traumatic brain injuries.

The final audio was edited, mixed and produced by Firewind Productions, with special help from Matt Redman, Beth Redman and SixStep Records, who graciously supplied a studio-quality version of their song, "You Never Let Go. This incredible song—sung to Matt when he was in a coma by his three boys—is featured in three places.

The physical copy of the audio book features a bonus DVD, "Hero to Zero," produced by Aaron Bren from footage provided by 208 Productions and 509 Films. You'll see the actual footage of the avalanche, ground zero (when Matt was discovered and dug out by his film crew), and watch a short message from Matt on adversity.

Firewind Productions provided the cover and disc design, and when everything was ready to go, art and masters were sent off to Disc Makers for manufacturing. Disc Makers absolutely outdid themselves. Their entire production line was delayed by two days by Hurricane Sandy, and yet they still got 100 audio books overnighted to Lewiston just in time for a big convention a week ago, where the audio book was debuted to great success. The finished product is nothing short of beautiful; Disc Makers is simply the best.

Firewind Productions also prepped the audio and set up distribution for the audio book on the Audiobook Creation Exchange ( Two Hands Audio Book is now available worldwide on,, and iTunes. You can get a format that works on just about every device out there, from your smartphone to tablet to iPod or PC.

This project also marks a major new distribution deal for Matt. Local bookstore His Story Christian Gift Center has partnered with Matt Potratz and 212 Degrees, LLC to provide all shipping and distribution for the physical copies of the audio book as well as the paperback edition (also printed in Lewiston, Idaho by Steeley Printing). It's truly a win-win-win situation for everybody involved. We're always happy to keep manufacturing dollars in Idaho, and this couldn't have worked out better. Visitors to the Lewis-Clark Valley can find both editions of the book at His Story Christian Gift Center, located in Mall 21 in Lewiston, Idaho (17th Ave and 21st Street).

On behalf of Matt, I want to thank everyone who has been involved in this project from start to finish. We're profoundly grateful for your prayers and support. Be sure to look for Matt at one of his great upcoming events!

Sue Roberts, Rest In Peace

Two Hands Audiobook is NOW AVAILABLE!

Two Hands Audiobook is NOW AVAILABLE!