What would you do if you got exactly what you asked for?

I ran across this hysterically funny exchange today, a screenshot from the sometimes humorous, frequently disturbing, and always strange website known as Reddit. It illustrates the point I'm making so very well. It's worth clicking on to see in full glory.

When it comes to new media marketing, you have to be very specific when you ask for something from your potential customers. You just might get exactly what you're asking for, but then what? It reminds me of an old Homer & Jethro song:

He’s just like a hound dog we must admit / A dog will chase a car until it has a fit / But what’s he gonna do when he catches it? / Scratch a flea, while we fall to pieces
— Homer & Jethro, We Fall To Pieces

Give me a call, Skype me, or otherwise reach out and touch. I'd love to sit down with you, one on one. Let's talk about your current plan for taking over the world... or just getting your name out across the street. I can help you expand your center of influence so that you hit your target—whether you're chasing it or if it's chasing you. What's more, I'll help you plan so that you know just what to do when you get what you're asking for.

You have to admit, they did exactly as they were asked...

What's your measurement of success?

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