All in vision

Let the Fire fall, let the Wind blow...

...let Your glory come down.

The new Firewind Productions is just a little different. Of course, it's been just a little different from the very beginning, but we have deliberately set out to be a unique resource for unique people and unique organizations. Here are some of the ways in which we are different from any other creative firm.

Embers Kindle...

The chilly Fall night air whistles through the slightly open window as a stocky, bearded man stares thoughtfully down at a well-worn notebook. He scratches out a few notes, then scribbles in the margin. A gray and white cat napping next to his keyboard stretches and mews softly as he lays down the notebook. As he begins to type, she lays her head back down and is soon fast asleep.

After a few minutes, the man stops typing and leans back, studying his work. A shadow of remembered pain flashes across his face, and he shakes his head. A quick selection of the mouse and a keystroke and it is all gone. He sighs and begins to type again, eyebrows furrowing in concentration.

Social Media Nightmares Marathon Runner's Edition: The Monika Allen Story


SELF Magazine, which purports to be a "magazine for women that specializes in health, fitness, nutrition, beauty and happiness"(1) asks marathon runner and cancer survivor Monika Allen for permission to use a photo of herself in an article, saying only that they were looking for photos of runners wearing tutus.

Allen, who was recently diagnosed with incurable brain cancer BUT RAN A MARATHON ANYWAY!!! said yes, assuming that her photo would be used in a positive way. SELF Magazine then publishes an article called "The BS Meter" which makes fun of Allen and other runners wearing tutus. Their art department and entire editorial department somehow miss that one of the two women pictured has "DIE TUMOR DIE" emblazoned across her chest.

The Phoenix rises!

Welcome to the completely redesigned, redeveloped, and renewed Firewind Productions! I'm still in the process of moving all of my old blog posts over from the old site and getting everything sorted, catagorized and tagged. In the meantime, please excuse my dust, if you would, and take a look around. This site is now completely mobile- and tablet-ready (including portfolios and e-commerce) and completely responsive to multiple devices. But that's just the first of many new wonderful things about this landmark new site.