Keep your email newsletter from being marked as spam

Thursday Bram has a great article filled with tips for keeping your email newsletters from being marked as spam. In addition to being against our website package terms, spam is against the law (15 U.S.C. 7701, et seq.) and you can make yourself liable for up to a $16,000 penalty per recipient. We take spam reports very, very seriously and they can result in you losing your account. So, as Thursday says, it pays to:

  1. Play by the rules
  2. Invite your readers to unsubscribe
  3. Avoid rebranding your newsletter as much a possible
  4. Take spam reports as a warning
  5. Treat your readers as you would like to be treated

Head over to for all the details. It's really pretty easy: it all comes down to selling like you buy. You don't like to be bombarded with spam, so avoid it like the plague!