In the Balance Production Notes

In the Balance Production Notes

I was honored to be asked to be a part of the 35 Year Celebration event for Life Choices Clinic this past Tuesday evening. Scott and Susanne Maynes approached me a few weeks ago with this slideshow presentation project, featuring Susanne's song "In the Balance" and photos of babies the clinic has helped along with staff and volunteers who make it all possible.

Susanne's amazing song had already been produced by River City Music, so very little work was necessary with the audio part of the production. Susanne also had a script put together with key photos tied to moments in the song. With the help of Julie Long, photos were taken of actors showcasing key moments in the life of a young man from infancy to adulthood, and a young mother facing difficult decisions. Prenatal photos were included courtesy of Focus on the Family, and an incredibly beautiful birth photo was included courtesy of Ange Movius Photography. 55 photos of babies helped by Life Choices Clinic were also added to the presentation to give just a small sampling of the real lives saved over the years through the clinic's tireless staff and volunteers.

In cooperation with Clarkston High School media staff, the high-definition video was shown at the Life Choices Clinic 35 Year Celebration on Tuesday, April 23rd at the Clarkston High School Auditorium. It was very well received by the crowd who came to support the clinic, and I saw more than a few teary eyes in the audience.

Scott and Susanne were a joy to work with through the entire process, and it sounds like the feeling was mutual! Susanne writes:

It was a pleasure working with Jason on a slide show presentation for Life Choice's annual fundraiser. Jason is very creative and has a good eye for details. He helped me make some fine-tuning decisions that I was very pleased with. Jason enhanced what I hoped to accomplish and made my original vision come alive. I am happy to recommend his work. — Susanne Maynes  Counseling Director, Life Choices Clinic

 I'm very much looking forward to future work with Scott and Susanne Maynes and Life Choices Clinic!

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