Embers Kindle...

The chilly Fall night air whistles through the slightly open window as a stocky, bearded man stares thoughtfully down at a well-worn notebook. He scratches out a few notes, then scribbles in the margin. A gray and white cat napping next to his keyboard stretches and mews softly as he lays down the notebook. As he begins to type, she lays her head back down and is soon fast asleep.

After a few minutes, the man stops typing and leans back, studying his work. A shadow of remembered pain flashes across his face, and he shakes his head. A quick selection of the mouse and a keystroke and it is all gone. He sighs and begins to type again, eyebrows furrowing in concentration.

Two hours pass, and finally the man stops typing. He looks up in the direction where his beautiful wife lies sleeping in the next room, and says a quick prayer. Glancing back over his work, he nods slowly and closes his eyes tiredly. After a minute, he begins speaking.

"You see, it was all I could do to leave the central work of Firewind alone for so long and not to take it up again, even when it was unhealthy for me to try to do so much. I was desperate to make something beautiful, desperate to bring light to dark places. When I set out on this journey, I wanted to begin a legacy. I wanted to provide for my family and use my gifts to make a real difference. I wanted to come alongside creatives—especially Christian creatives—and help to make their world catch fire. I had many successes, but I also had so many failures. I trusted some people that were not worthy of my trust, and I let some people down that I care very much about. I have worked so hard to make things right, and I am continuing to work hard to earn your trust. The fire almost went out, but a few embers still glowed within my heart: a small, careworn vision remained that I clung to when all else failed.

"I have considered many times whether the vision that birthed Firewind Productions was worth holding. I weighed it in the balance against the rest of my life, and many times I found it sorely wanting. The vacuum left behind in the hole that was my passion was too great to fill. There were always other things I could be doing, other ventures I could busy myself with. Far too many times, I have successfully argued myself out of helping others because there was always something I had to do to be as good as I thought I needed to be.

"The time has come to kindle embers that have almost gone out. The time has come to take the leap again; to venture out upon this vision and find it strong. I am not perfect. I am a flawed human being, but I am also a passionate one. I'm passionate about using my gifts to help other creatives succeed. I am passionate about the amazing people I get to work with. I'm passionate about what I have learned through the hard times and the good times. Right now is a challenging time, but then you have to have a little friction to start a fire.

"The time has come to be frank about the work I am doing. I am about the Lord's business, and that is my number one priority. I will not be taking on every project that comes my way. Over the past year and a half that Firewind has been somewhat on hiatus, I have grown accustomed to saying, 'No.' I will be vetting new clients and projects to ensure that they coexist well with my core vision. And I am limiting the number of clients and projects that I will take on at a time, so that I can provide the best of who I am.

"This fire has almost gone out, but it is now rekindled. The name remains, but everything else has been transformed. Let it begin."

The man pauses, looking distant for a moment, then begins to sing softly.  

"Let the fire fall, let the wind blow, let Your glory come down."