All in news

I’m pleased to tell you that my beautiful wife Lindsay and I have relocated to Darrington, Washington: a lovely little town located in the middle of the Cascades. Lindsay is now the kindergarten teacher for Darrington Elementary School, where she is having an exciting time with an all-new class of little guys and gals. You can follow her adventures on her new blog at

Once again, Firewind Productions is moving forward with some dramatic changes. I'll be posting more in the coming weeks but for now please stay tuned. Hundreds of new products, new services, and much more!

Let the Fire fall, let the Wind blow...

...let Your glory come down.

The new Firewind Productions is just a little different. Of course, it's been just a little different from the very beginning, but we have deliberately set out to be a unique resource for unique people and unique organizations. Here are some of the ways in which we are different from any other creative firm.