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After hours of prayer and the loving advice of family and friends, I've come to some difficult decisions about the future of Firewind Productions. The time has come to share them with you.

Seventeen years ago, I accepted my first web design project. As a freshman at Northwest Christian College, I was excited about HTML and web technologies. I learned HTML inside and out, and after three weeks of furious study I was fluent enough to write my code from scratch. I embraced CSS and other technologies and tried to stay abreast of the wave of innovation that was sweeping the internet. Over these almost two decades, I have tried to do my best and be my best for my clients. I've not always been successful, but I have tried hard and for the most part I am proud of the work that I have done.

In 2004, I began an intensive process of testing content management systems to bring better rich media and rich content management to my clients. In 2007, I reorganized and relaunched my business under the name Firewind Productions in honor of the new philosophy that I found for content-driven websites and idea ignition. Since then, as Lindsay reminded me last night, I have been a part of a number of success stories.