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The case of the mysterious squeaking noise

Oh, this is just too rich not to share! I've been hearing this intermittent, almost indescribable squeaking noise at my computer all morning. It's been driving me bonkers. At first I thought it was my nose, actually, since I'm a bit stuffed up and it honestly seemed to be coming from that direction. You know, when you're stuffed up and it starts to clear, sometimes you hear a little squeak? I blew my nose twice but kept hearing the noise, very intermittently.

So then I started going through all the other things the mysterious noise might be. Animal? I have two cats, so it's very doubtful that I have mice. I actually got up and went into the living room to make sure Reepicheep, my dwarf hamster, was still safely snoozing in his cage. He poked his head out of his little hut but went right back to sleep, since I didn't have a treat for him.